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ARC Audio DSP 8 Settings & Installation
Arc Audio DSP-8 is a built in amplifiers and car audio processor that issued by the ARC Audio USA. DSP-8  intended primarily for cars with OEM head unit or a standard head unit integrates with the existing dashboad inside the car which making it difficult to upgrade the audio to achieved better sound quality.Arc Audio DSP-8 provides a solution to this problem, the features contained in the Arc Audio DSP-8 it is possible to upgrade the audio using standard oem head unit with very minimal changes in the wiring system of the car.Advantages of Using Arc Audio DSP-8:
  • No need to replace the head unit to get Hi-End audio setup and installation, even with your oem speakers
  • Afforrdabel Full Active Sytem with the use of internal power amplifier, you can only need to add monoblock for more bass
  • Complete equalizing feature (1/4 octave equalizing option available)
  • Time alignment embedded in this processor is very complete and has a high degree of accuracy that will provide the stage of perfection in car audio systems.
Features contained in the Arc Audio DSP-8:
  • DSP-8 has a 6 channel input, can use the Hi-direct input from the head unit speakers output without using a Hi-Lo Conversion, or Low input (RCA). And this feature comes with a remote speaker turn on that will enable the processor and power amplifier shortly after the incoming signal, in other words, you no longer need the changes / modifications to the wiring and the car head unit. DSP-8 is also equipped with a mixer output is input to process the return signal from the audio head unit that will improve the sound quality oem head unit for the better.
6 Channel input and 8 channel power amplifier outpu

  • Integrated 8 channel power amplifier Clas - D 30 watts power amplifier integrated with a highly efficient use of power amplifier, so that the trunk space remains large and the trunk fixed maximum functionality, power amplifier is needed only monoblock power amplifier that serves to mendrive subwoofer. Power amplifier on the Arc Audio DSP-8 is equipped with diagnostics that serve to diagnose the installation of each speaker is connected correctly or not, this will further minimize the possibility of installation errors such as speaker wires that come into contact with the car body which can cause damage to the audio system car.
Arc Audio DSP-8 power amplifer and speaker sense
  • Active Crossover 3 way / 4 way, serves as the dividing frequency for each speaker, with active crossover sound quality will be very, very well, improving the clarity of sound, the sound of detail, so the goal to get the sound quality to suit our tastes can achieved. Active Crossover at Arc Audio DSP-8 has a very high degree of flexibility to determine the frequency of cutting each speaker.
Arc Audio DSP 8 active crossover
  • Arc Audio DSP-8 Equalizer, arc audio has independent 8 channel equalizer Equalizer 31 band 1/3 octave for each channel and adjustable up to + - 24dB, link equalizer for equalizing function for all channels, and 31 bands of parametric Equlizer for each channel, the premises so complete equalizer function will help to improve the quality of sound produced by the speaker to be more correct, each equalizing the sound can be performed per channel without disrupting the other channel so that the sound from each speaker to equalize in accordance with the desired musical tastes.
Arc Audio DSP 8 Equalizer
  • Time Correction / Delay / Alignment, each channel on the Arc Audio DSP-8 has a time delay to the nearest 0.01 ms (0.34 cm) is one of the most accurate time alignment, with the maximum 10ms. By the time alignment function to focus the sound generated each speaker can be set so that it can create the staging is excellent, with good sound staging live music will be created in the car.
Arc Audio DSP 8 Time Alignment

  • Speaker Output Gain Adjust, gain or volume on each speaker at the Arc Audio DSP-8 we can set in accordance with the wishes, with accuracy rates of up to 0.01db, with this facility will provide harmony gain a truly accurate, it also provides a level of details for the sound that we can adjust our desires.
Arc Audio DSP 8 Speaker output gain adjuster

Car audio systems that can be developed with Arc Audio DSP-8: 

- Full Active 2 way without monoblock

- Full Active 2 way with Monoblock
 - Full Active 3 way with monoblock

Specifications ARC Audio DSP-8:- Power Output 8 x 24 watt- THD 5%- Equalizer 31 Band Equalizer- Active Crossover- Mixer- Time delay / alignment


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