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Clarion HX-D3 Head Unit

Clarion HX-D3
Clarion HX-D3 Head Unit

No amount of processing, amplifier and/or set of speakers can do anything more than recreate the  signal your source unit produces. This makes the source unit one of the most important links in the audio chain. The Clarion HX-D3 sets the benchmark for CD audio reproduction. It is un-matched in performance and features. If accuracy and realism is your goal, then this is your source unit.
Features :
  • CD Playback
  • 96kHz 24-Bit Burr Brown Advanced Segment D/A Converter
  • 24-bit 64x Oversampling Delta-Sigma A/D Converter
  • Burr Brown 0.5 dB/Step Rotary Volume Control
  • 4-Way 6/12/18dB/Octave Crossover (Standard, Multi or Direct Mode)
  • 24-Bit Audio DSP with 32-Bit Arithmetic operation
  • 8 Channel, 8 Volt RMS Preamp Output
  • 0.7 cm/step 8 Channel Time Alignment
  • 5 Band Parametric Equalizer
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Dot Matrix Display
  • Dual Auxilliary inputs
  • Copper Plated Chassis
  • Gold Plated Machined RCA connectors
  • Silver Coated SK:6N (99.99999%) OFC Cables
  • External 30V Power Supply
  • Fibre Optic Input or Output
  • AM/FM Tuner 
Clarion HX-D3 Sampling
The 96kHz Sampling D/A converter in the HX-D3 samples at twice the usual 44.1kHz to offer reproduction frequencies as high as 48kHz (half the sampling frequency of 96kHz), surpassing the format specifications for CD as the fi rst such D/A Converter for car audio use. By broadening the sampling range, it becomes possible to reproduce the subtle nuances and depth contained in harmonic elements while reducing phase distortion in the high frequency range, delivering the full expressiveness and natural ambience that is inherently present in sound.

HX-D3 External DC-DC converter
Constructed with only the highest quality components – from the chassis to the wiring – the HX-D3’s external power supply is the heart of this audiophile-grade main unit. With its six-sided shielded casing, this design rejects noise, even during high load bursts. To prevent any vibration, Clarion encases this high quality power supply in an aluminum die cast housing. The HXD3’s power supply utilizes toroidal choke coils which minimise electrical noise and a large-capacity, low-impedance condenser, which allows this external component to supply pure power. With an output of +15V and -15V of pure, clean, fi ltered power, the HX-D3 source unit can achieve detail and transparency like no other.

Taking control over your audio system means being able to fine tune everything, right down to the playback level. Equipped with a Burr Brown 0.5dB/Step Zero-Crossing volume control IC, the HX-D3 offers extremely detailed and accurate level adjustment.

The Zero-Crossing circuitry ensures silent operation that is free from zipper and stepping noise that is common to lesser volume control circuits. This is as close as it gets to analog, but with the reliability of digital control.

The HX-D3 features a copper plated chassis to minimize the effect of electromagnetic noise which can adversely affect components that have a direct bearing on the playback signal. Incorporating a zinc diecast front panel with a high density, low resonance structure, sound colouration due to vibration is reduced. Electrically noisy components such as the power supply, Vacuum Fluorescent devices for the display and the drive mechanism are located away from the main circuit board to reduce the potential for noise to be added to the signal.

Time Alignment allows you to adjust the relative arrival time of each of the 8 outputs of the HX-D3. Each output can be configured for a delay of up to 512.4cm or 14.92mSec in steps of 0.7cm or 0.02mSec for the utmost of detail and accuracy. Properly adjusting the arrival time of each speaker not only helps to create a stunningly realistic soundstage, but helps smooth frequency response and improve system dynamics and impact.

Specification :
 Frequency bands
  FM: (MHz) 0.05MHz steps87.0 to 108.0
  AM: (kHz) 9 kHz steps531 to 1,629
 FM usable sensitivity (dBf)9
 FM 50 dB quieting sensitivity (dBf)15
 FM alternate channel selectivity (dB)70
 FM stereo separation @1 kHz (dB) 35
 FM stereo freq. resp. @ ±3 dB (Hz) 30 to 15,000
 S/N ratio (dB)112
 Frequency response (Hz) 20 to 20,000
 Dynamic range (dB)100
 Harmonic distortion (%)0.003 (20Hz - 20kHz)
 Multi Mode (4-Way)High - HPF 315Hz to 20kHz
Mid - LPF 250Hz to 20kHz, Through
Mid - HPF 200Hz to 20kHz, Through
Low - LPF - 250Hz to 10kHz, Through
Low - HPF 25Hz to 250Hz, Through
Sub - LPF 25Hz to 250 Hz, Through
Sub - HPF 16Hz to 80Hz, Through
 Standard Mode (Front 2-Way)Front High - HPF 315Hz to 20kHz
Front Low - LPF 250Hz to 20kHz, Through
Rear - HPF 25Hz to 250Hz, Through
Sub - LPF 25Hz to 250 Hz, Through
Sub - HPF 16Hz to 80Hz, Through
 Crossover Points1/3-Octave Steps
 Crossover Slope-6, -12 or -18dB/Octave
 Output Gain0 to -24dB / Channel
 Direct Mode (No Crossovers in this mode)Front, Rear and Non-Fader
 5-Band Parametric EQBand 1/2/3 50Hz to 20kHz
Band 4/5 630Hz to 20kHz
EQ Points in 1/3-Octave Steps
Q-Factor 0.5 to 12
Gain -12 to +12dB
 Dimensions (W × H × D) (Inches) 7-2/5 × 2-7/25 × 6-2/5
 Power Supply (W × H × D) (Approx Inches) 6-7/10 × 1-5/8 × 3-7/8
 Remote control (W × H × D) (Approx Inches) 1-3/4 × 4-5/16 × 15/32
 Power consumption: less than 5 A



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